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Keith was born in the town of Worksop during the 1900's not far from Sherwood Forest. And maybe had he been around a few hundred years earlier would have been immortalised as part of the legend that is Robin Hood.


Probably Keith is a descendent of Robin Hood

Rather than being one of Robin's band of merry men dressed in lincoln green, robbing the rich to feed the poor, Keith is just an ordinary person who leads a less glamorous life. But maybe in years to come this site can become the modern digital equivalent of Samuel Pepy's diary.


Will this site become as popular as Samuel Pepys diary?

Great Fire

Like Pepys 350 years earlier Keith lived through and witnessed a Great Fire. The above photo shows the Great Fire of Swindon 2013.

Keith started work in a Chartered Accountants office after leaving school at the age of 16 even though he had failed maths. This was in the days before the digital age and personal computer revolution. Think Dickens without the quill pens.

After 2 years Keith moved into womens clothing. That is, a company specialising in the manufacture of ladies intimate apparel.


A Teddy is not necessarily a cuddly bear

It was during this period that Keith started to use a computer for the first time.


An Apple IIe computer as used by Keith. Note the two floppy disc drives. There was no hard drive in those days.

Keith next moved into the Space Industry where he worked on a millitary satellite project. During this time he spent some time abroad in Germany administering the logistics such as accomodation, banking and expenses for a large group of employees working on testing and integration of a spacecraft. Keith also worked in California in a similar administration role on two satellite launch campaigns.


Keith had access to the Onizuka Air Force Station during his period working in Sunnyvale California. The base was closed in 2010.

After being made redundant Keith's next port of call (note the pun) was the Wine and Spirit Industry where he again worked in an office at one of the worlds largest Wine Clubs.

After several years Keith was once again on the move. This time into the automotive and semi conductor industry.

Following redundancy again Keith worked in the Public Sector for a County Council. He was based in an office within the Department for Adult Care who were in partnership with the NHS.

Next Keith was bound (another pun) for a Book Club where famously the General Manager stated that E-books would never catch on. Needless to say Keith again found himself without a job when the company became extinct.


It was at a point when the economic bubble had burst that Keith was forced to enter into temporary employment with a world renowned company manufacturing cinema equipment. Unfortunately as often happens in Britain the manufacturing arm was moved to another Continent and after 15 months his contract came to an end.

The economic climate was very poor at this time and Keith was out of work for over 4 months unable to even get an interview. Eventually despite the economic gloom Keith secured a position at a Research Council specialising in the promotion of science and technology. He worked there for 8 months until the end of his contract.

Next up was a job in the Nuclear and Waste Services Industry. A highlight was a tour around the inside of Oldbury Nuclear Power Station located on the River Severn.

Keith currently works for one of the UK's largest companies in the Water Industry.


Could the Water Industry one day emulate this process?